George Coleman's Value Pricing

What is Value Pricing?

Value Pricing uses a sophisticated computer software program that provides George Coleman Ford "real time" information about vehicle pricing. This program constantly monitors the internet both locally and nationwide to generate the needed information to formulate the most aggressive vehicle pricing in the market.


What does Value Pricing mean to you?

It means that every Pre-Owned vehicle George Coleman Ford offers for sale is already priced at the lowest price up front, giving you the assurance that you're getting the best deal without having to haggle back and forth for hours on end. Our software program had done the work for you, saving you time and most of all, saving you money.


How can I know for sure it's the most aggressive price?

Ask us! We can show you how the program works while you are here. It will show you all the other "Like" models within a 100, 200, or even 500 mile radius to prove to you George Coleman Ford's inventory is priced most aggressive.


Why does George Coleman Ford use Value Pricing?

In this ever changing electronic world, we believe that the best way to continue to be a successful automotive dealer, we must change as well. We have already seen this program allow us to stock the right inventory at the right pricing, all while maintaining the highest possible customer satisfaction. Once again, we have won Ford Motor Company's highest honor, the President's Award. This is the fourth time in the past decade that we have achieved this award.

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